What does an audit report look like?


  1. Administrative data
  2. To what extent does the school develop its own quality?
  3. To what extent does the school provide quality education?
    • Quality area
    • Teaching and learning practice
  4. To what extent does the school conduct an effective policy in terms of habitability, safety and hygiene?
  5. Does the school respect the regulations?
  6. Abstract
  7. Recommendations and opinion on the recognition

Because we want to support the educational institution in its future quality development through the audit report, we present the answers to the inspection questions by visual means. In this way, it immediately becomes clear which are the strengths, the development opportunities and the shortcomings.

In the recommendations we mention the strengths which are to be assured by the educational institution. We also specify development opportunities which we advise the educational institution to address. Finally, we also list shortcomings, if any. We state that the educational institution must commit to addressing these shortcomings.

The audit report ends with the opinion to the Government of Flanders on the further recognition of the educational institution, together with a number of recommendations.